OSA-BU pensions and cabins


OSA-BU is a family business built on the traditional pension model. The family accommodation goes under the name of "Jensaplasset", - after the small tenant farm which used to be situated here at Fisketjøn farm.

THE PENSION offers simple, but comfortable, overnight accommodation with food if desired (Bed & Breakfast).

THE CABINS are of a high standard with two bedrooms, a shower and toilet, a kitchen with cooker and frigde and a living room with colour TV. The total area is 36 m² plus a spacious terrace.

All building are recently built. The space outside is roomy and well-lit and here you will find a barbecue, playground and green area. We have got boats for hire at the Suldal lake and you can cycle in safe surroundings.

We can offer fishing at reasonable rates in the Suldal lake between Osvad and Vikestraumen. This also applies to salmon in season. We often have animals here which can be petted and fed. We are within walking distance of beautiful shopping and services. We offer transport and guided tours in our own minibus.


SULDALSOSEN (OSEN) emerged as a centre after the main road from Sand to Osen was finished in 1875 and the steamboat on the Suldal lake started up in 1885.

After a while, there was a need for both a wharf and a warehouse, a baker's, shops and hotels.

At the busiest time, three hotels were needed.

But during the thirties, car and boat routs were established in such a way that travellers didn't need to stay overnight at Osen.

The hotel trade declined, but Osen grew as a centre of development for the old municipality of Suldal. The pension took over the trade in overnight accommodation. The last pension from this area was open until 1980.

OSA-BU was established in 1988 after a time in which there was no overnight accommodation in Osen.

SULDALSOSEN is a lively centre bordered by the Suldal lake, tiver and surrounded by well-run farms on all sides. It is a place to live with a variety of services, such as shops, a bank, a post office and a petrol station.

Being the heart of Suldal municipality and the Suldal valley, it is also the junction for those served by Vinjar school. Alongside the school, there is a church, a house of worships, a social centre with a new sports hall and sports track. This makes up an independent collection of multipurpose public buildings which are used by a variety of people for different gatherings, such as elections, annual meetings, exhibitions and so on.

OSEN is the departure point for many noteworthy sights and places of interest, walking and outdoor areas, hunting and fishing sports. All year round in the valleys and hills, we have a rich tradition of utilising our natural resources.

A stream with a mill is only a stone's throw away from us. Here you will find a newly-restored mill and a drying house for the corn. If you are lucky, you will meet the miller here in his natural environment.

The huge dams of the Ulla-Førre develpment are not far away either.

- This is the best starting point from which to experience the best of what the municipaly has to offer!

Wheter you are a tourist, a guest worker or for some other reason visiting Suldal.

- Suldalsosen is a delightful place to stay!